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Crowded Coffee Shop

Suddenly, it just happened. Have you noticed where people spend most of their time these days? I haven’t conducted a survey yet, but whenever I stroll around, I always see coffee shops full of people. When I was working in Dubai a few years ago, coffee shops drew more crowds of people compared to the restaurants alongside them.

I feel so many people linger in coffee shops just to look cool, or something. It makes me think, do they really enjoy their cup of coffee, or are they just their for their status? Can you sense my irritation? Lol! I am just a little frustrated because I also want to spend some time in a coffee shop to either read, or do some work, but the coffee shop near my place, and those shops a few blocks away are always packed!!! Where did all these people come from?

What is drawing more people to coffee shops? I wonder if the coffee beans being produced now are richer, and tastier. I need to get to the bottom of this(yes, I have a lot of time in my hands. One of the perks of being a freelancer).

My research led me to the coffee production in Kenya, and the country itself.

Kenya is a perfect place to grow coffee. The adequate amount of rainfall, and sunlight complements the acidic soil that this country has.

With this weather, Kenyans are able to produce high grade coffee beans. After milling, the coffee beans are graded. AA is the largest coffee bean grade from the harvest, and it sells at a higher rate compared to the other grades. considers the Kenyan AA as the world’s brightest coffee. It further added that this coffee is favored by the coffee connoisseurs.

High Grade Coffee


In Kenya, they have a unique way of trading their coffee beans. Rather than exporters approaching the small-scale coffee farmers, they do it through an auction. In this process, samples of the beans are distributed to exporters who then sends it off to their potential customers. They auction the coffee beans, and the highest bidder gets the beans harvested for the week. cited this system as the key to Kenya’s success in exporting their coffee.

Obviously, I am a coffee drinker myself, often I brew my own cup. Every now, and then though, I do enjoy finding a little chill coffee shop to hang at. It’s so lovely to sit back, and have someone else work their magic into my cup of coffee. For me, coffee sparks conversation, and it also allows ideas to flow in my head. It really helps when I am about to start a writing project, or go into a meeting with my clients.

I like a full-flavored coffee, and it seems I have been enjoying Kenyan coffee for quite sometime now. With this new information I am reading, I feel embarrassed. I have been criticizing people who hang out in coffee shops as posers, that know nothing about coffee, when in reality I am also part of that group. Oopsies, sorry guys.

Well, to answer my own question, I don’t think the coffee is richer, and tastier now compared to before. I do think coffee shops have expanded their coffee menu though to suit everyone’s taste.

This is beginning to be an interesting research, and I want to pitch this to one of my clients. However, apart from the coffee story, I think there is more to Kenya than just their coffee.

Safaris And Museums

I am aware that Kenya is famous for wild animals. Their top tourist attraction is their safari adventures. One of the famous wildlife park that Kenya has is the Maasai Mara National Reserve. It is famous for the Great Migration, wherein gazelles, and zebras travel this part from July through October.


Another park worth visiting according to Planetware’s website is Lake Nakuru National Park. This park in Central Kenya is full of pink flamingos. An approximate of 450 species of birds have been recorded in this park.

Now, if you are more interested to know more about the country’s rich culture, Nairobi, the country’s capital is the place to go. The Nairobi National Museum can give you a glimpse of Kenya’s history, culture, and art.

Another place to visit is the Bomas of Kenya. This is a living museum that features the different tribes in Kenya. They have recreated the traditional village for tourists to understand, and know how the ethnic groups lived.

These are just some of the places that I have read online, and it looks like there are a lot more places to see in Kenya. I really hope that one of my clients will like this feature that I want to do. If they approve, I will ask for a budget so that I can visit the places that I have read online, and maybe explore the country like a local.

See! Another great idea there. I told you I get my ideas flowing when I drink coffee. Maybe I’ll open my own coffee shop, so won’t have to line up, and feel frustrated. Another eureka moment!

Now, let me get another cup of coffee in me so that I can write my introductory letter to my clients, on why they should consider my Kenyan inspired article to be published in their magazines.

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