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Gifts Of Blogging

Have I told you how much I love being a blogger?

I started blogging about 2009, and decided to do reviews after three years. I was buying the products, and reviewing them. Eventually, companies took notice of my blog reviews, and have since then been sending me their products. Who doesn’t love getting to try products for free?

Companies vary on how they take my reviews. Some of them get angry when they don’t get positive reviews from me, while others take it as constructive criticism. Some may send a private email asking me how I think their packaging should be presented if I criticized them on that area. Even before I started receiving “goodies”, I always made sure that I was impartial, that is what a reviewer should be right?

I am now on year 5 of being a blog reviewer, and I do not have any complaints! Even if I did have any complaints I probably wouldn’t quit what I am doing. Lol!). How could I, why would I?


Today, my front door has been filled with different “surprises”. I have a facial wash in one package, a bagful of snacks (perfect! This can be my contribution for a housewarming party I will be attending later), a box of soap, and lastly, coffee? That’s a first!?

Out of all that I have received, I got intrigued about this bag of coffee that was placed in a very colorful box. I decided to check the note that came along with it. It did not say much except “Enjoy, and hope you can give us a good review ;-)”. I inspected the coffee pack, and found that it’s from Mexico.

Since I was just fixing my breakfast. I decided to open the coffee pack, grind about ¼ cup of the beans, and place it in my coffeemaker for it to start brewing.

While waiting, I decided to check the internet about Mexican coffee.

I skim read, and found out that Mexican coffee has a chocolate-y flavor if it was produced by Oaxaca, and a bit of fruity tones if it’s from Chiapas. describes Mexican coffee as a good base in creating flavored coffees. Its mild flavor doesn’t overpower the flavors infused in it.

About 20 minutes into my research, I spilled my precious coffee on my rug! Since I was online, I immediately looked up and called a local carpet cleaning service to come fix me up. The owner and I got into a fascinating conversation about coffee (at least I found it fascinating). I told him about my Mexican coffee. He knew quite a bit, and I sent him home with a bag of beans for him to try.

In my mind, Mexican coffee beans were only from Oaxaca, and Chiapas, turns out there is a third place where coffee is being produced, and that is in Veracruz. According to Wikipedia, Veracruz got introduced with coffee at the end of the 18th century, however in the 19th century, Chiapas took over the title as the coffee cultivation region in Mexico.

Mexico More Than Just Coffee

Aside from being known as one of the top coffee producers in the world, Mexico tops the list of must-see country for tourists. claims on their website that the country has something to offer every kind of traveler who wishes to discover Mexico in their own distinct way.

Do you like adventures? You can hit the beach in Acapulco, and try out their famous cliffs. Usually, they will have daredevils who perform different kinds of dives into the ocean. If you’re up for an adrenaline rush, the cliffs of Acapulco are waiting for you.


Maybe you like knowing about a country’s culture, and traditions.? You can hang out at Palenque.


This archaeological site is based in Chiapas, Mexico. This might be smaller than the other Mayan cities, but do not underestimate this place. They have some of the finest architecture, and art ever produced by Mayans.

I got so caught up with the different tourist sights has on their website that I almost forgot my coffee!

As I sip my coffee, I can taste the chocolate-y flavor present in my cup. This is just a preview of my review, I will be creating a separate blog post with a full review.

I am still curious as to who sent this delectable coffee to me. After searching my memory bank of who it could be, it came to me….

It’s was my mom! LOL!

I remember she called me up two weeks ago to tell me about the wonderful trip my dad’s secretary had arranged for their wedding anniversary. She had asked me what I wanted from Mexico. Of course I told her that coffee would be a perfect present.

Apparently even my mom wants a review from me, I guess that’s o.k., it’s what I’m good at.

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